Ski Touring

Freeskiing and backcountry ski touring with ski hinges or splitboards is becoming a more and more popular discipline. The rough terrains give unlimited possibilities and a totally different sense. The unique side of every backcountry experience is not only in the untouched slopes and faces, but also in the fact that you have to reach them all by yourself. Ski touring is our passion and we have been doing it for years. We have found and we will continue to find new and beautiful places, which we want to share with you.

  • JAN - DEC
    TrainingsDifficulty: 1 Easy, 2 Moderate, 3 Hard

    Make your own custom program

    Are you looking for something different? An outdoor adventure created especially for you (and your friends) as per your unique interests, physical abilities a...
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  • 15-28 MARCH 2022
    Ski TouringDifficulty: 3 Hard

    Ski touring and heli skiing in Alaska

    Alaska ?! Here we come.
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    2962 EUR

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  • APRIL-MAY 2023
    Ski TouringDifficulty: 2 Moderate

    Ski Touring in Iceland – an Adventure Around the Troll Peninsula

    Iceland - a ski adventure from a another planet. Breathtaking views, skiing right to the sea and feeling of pristine wilderness
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    1321 EUR

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