Ivo Stoikov

Ivo Stoikov has been leading ski touring, hiking, snowshoeing and ice climbing trips for nearly two decades now. During the summer his main activity is hiking trips around the Balkans. In the winter he guides clients in Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, and Georgia mainly for ski touring. High ranges of the world are his big passion and he has been with groups to many countries including India, Nepal, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan. He has climbed Mont Blanc, Toubkal, Mera peak and Aconcagua.

Languages: English, German, French, Russian and Bulgarian

Stanislav Radkov

Stanislav has been in the mountains since a child. Apart from Bulgarian mountains, he has independent climbings in the Alps, Dolomites, Caucasus, Albania, Monte Negro, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. His ultimate passion for the last 15 years are back-country/ski mountaineering. He’s taken part in several self-organized ski-tours/expedition in the Alps, Norway, Canada, and Alaska. Chief editor of Skiing the Balkans book. In 2017, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession and got a diploma for Mountain leader and further certified as a ski guide. He is a member of Bulgarian Mountain Leaders Association and also a UIMLA member. Instructor in several avalanche courses. Participated as a “safety crew” in many summer and winter mountain competitions.

Languages: English and Bulgarian

Maya Zaharieva

Maya is dedicated to all kind of outdoor activities but mostly skis, snowshoes, wildlife. A nature-lover, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, intuitive, communicative and flexible person with 16 years of mountain guiding experience. Her most distinct passions are adventures and long distance journeys. She has independent climbs in India, Nepal, Kamchatka, Madagascar, Peru and Bolivia.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Bulgarian

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