About Us

Our History

We have spent dozens of years in the high mountains, on many trips, non-standard destinations, experimenting and throwing our heads in the unknown. Now is time to share our experience with you.

We created Basecamp Tours because we realized that we would like more people to get the chance to connect to nature in a different way. We want to show you the places we have discovered, the places that inspire us – from the vast snow of British Columbia, through the untouched slopes of the Arctic fjords, all the way to the disappearing snow of the Equator, from the cradle of Chamonix mountaineering, to high-altitude expeditions to distant lands with unknown cultures.

Trust us and live your dreams with us.

Basecamp Tour (legal entity and licensed tour operator: Exco Travel Ltd.) is part of the XCoSports Bulgaria group, importer of high-quality outdoor sports equipment. Other companies in the group include Basecamp Stores – leading mountain equipment store chain and XCo Publishing, which activity is focused on organization and development of cultural events, production and publishing; XCo Club, organizer of the well known Pirin Ultra mountain marathon.

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The vision of Basecamp Tours is to be a groundbreaking travel agency, a leader in the region, to promote non-standard, professionally organized and sustainable traveling.


  • Run a tourist service that offers access to wild and less popular places.
  • Being professional, both in our relationships with our customers and with the guides we work with, creating an environment where they can both grow.
  • To promote sustainability as a principle – in the creation of programs and by broadening the community of like-minded people with whom we share a responsible attitude towards nature and resources.


We are guided by the following values:

  • Professionalism – we have the highest level of commitment in both preparation and implementation of the programs. We use professional, technical equipment.
  • Non-standard destinations – we offer places that are not among the traditional tourist destinations that we have personally explored.
  • Safety – we pay a lot of attention to preparation and security and we always have a Plan B.
  • Conservation – We insist on the conservation of the places we visit, respect the regulations of the protected territories, and respect the local culture.
  • Attitude – we treat love, respect and caring for our work, our customers, the guides we work with, and our nature.
  • Self-sufficiency – we plan our programs in a way that we are as close to nature as possible, relying on quality and lightweight equipment and being independent of external services.
  • Cost Optimization – We value resource efficiency and plan our programs with optimal customer spend.
  • Teamwork – We accept our customers as active participants in the adventure and work together with them as a team.
  • Fair competition – we believe in the service we offer and the free choice of the tourists; we respect other agencies in the market.
  • Discovery – we believe in good planning, but we also believe that some opportunities can pop up like a “rabbit from a hole” and we are ready to grab them.

Our Team

Ivo Stoilkov
Languages: English, German, French, Russian and Bulgarian

Mountain guide with almost two decades professional experience in leading ski touring, hiking, snowshoeing and ice climbing trips.
Stanislav Radkov
Languages: English and Bulgarian

Ever since he was young he has been wandering the mountains, summer or winter. In the last 10 years he has been very actively engaging in back-country/ski mountaineering.