Trekking, hiking or just mountaineering – one of the most ancient ways for humans to connect with nature. Seeking for an escape from the city noise and stress, for beautiful views, peace and a friendly company – the mountains still do hide multiple less popular places and we want to show them to you.

  • 28 AUG - 3 SEP 2021
    HikingDifficulty: 2 Moderate

    Hut to Hut Trekking in Pirin Mountain

    Enjoy the magical Pirin Montain. A six-day tour that will take you to the most beautiful and remote corners of the range.
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    275 EUR

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  • JAN - DEC 2021
    TrainingsDifficulty: 1 Easy, 2 Moderate, 3 Hard

    Make your own custom program

    Are you looking for something different? An outdoor adventure created especially for you (and your friends) as per your unique interests, physical abilities a...
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    - EUR

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  • 14 - 15 AUG 2021
    HikingDifficulty: 3 Hard

    Malyovitsa, Kupenite and Urdini lakes

    An amazing traverse passing through the 3 highest peaks in Northwest part of Rila mountain. An experience with breath-taking views, glacier lakes and a bit of...
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    92 EUR

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  • JUL - SEP 2020
    HikingDifficulty: 2 Moderate

    Olympus – the Mountain of Zeus

    A short touch of the divine Mount Olympus, the delicious Greek food, their famous hospitality and the salty Aegean Sea.
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    199 EUR

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