• 15 - 16 JUL 2023
    HikingDifficulty: 2 Moderate

    In the Heart of Rila Mountain

    A fascinated circular route in the heart of Rila mountain. The biggest and many other glacier lakes, peaks and old pristine pine forests. Come with us end enj...
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    122 EUR

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  • 25 - 27 AUG 2023
    HikingDifficulty: 3 Hard

    Into the Marble Pirin

    Unbeatable circle tour of the marble part of Pirin mountain which will take your breath away. Get ready for hard walking.
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    189 EUR

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  • MAY
    Ski TouringDifficulty: 2 Moderate

    Ski touring in Svalbard

    There is no other place like it on earth – whales, seals, polar bears, coal, fjords, glaciers and colonizers who have left their mark on the wilds of the Nort...
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    3550 EUR

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  • JULY

    The many faces of Iceland

    Waterfalls, geysers, warm lagoons with mineral water, glaciers, whales, fjords - all this is in our program on the island.
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    1017 EUR

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