Fly fishing

Fly fishing is an impressive activity which requires patience, concentration and endurance. Unique experience for nature lovers that combines the thrill of catching the big fish with the respect of the laws of nature. Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an advanced fly fisherman, you can always learn something new.

  • JUL 2022
    Fly FishingDifficulty: 2 Moderate

    High Altitude Fly Fishing for Trout in Bulgaria

    High altitude fly fishing for trout in one of the most fascinating and alpine mountains in Bulgaria and in the Balkans
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    240 EUR

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  • JAN - DEC
    TrainingsDifficulty: 1 Easy, 2 Moderate, 3 Hard

    Make your own custom program

    Are you looking for something different? An outdoor adventure created especially for you (and your friends) as per your unique interests, physical abilities a...
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  • JUN - JUL 2022
    TrainingsDifficulty: 1 Easy

    One-day fly fishing course

    One-day training course in fly fishing led by our most prominent certified instructor.
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    92 EUR

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