New Year’s Adventure in Africa – Mt Kenya, Safari and the Maasai Peoplе

  • Season: Summer

  • When: 13 days, 11 nights

  • Adventure: 2 Adventurer

  • Difficulty: 2 Moderate

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New Year’s Adventure in Africa – Mt Kenya, Safari and the Maasai Peoplе

25 Dec 2022 – 07 Jan 2023

New Year’s Eve in Kenya? Yes, and what a one! A colorful touch of Africa, its mountains, wildlife and authentic people.

New Year’s Eve in Kenya? Yes, and what a one! A colorful touch of Africa, its mountains, wildlife and authentic people.

Africa! This word evokes different associations in everyone – savannah, wild animals, authentic nature, cute local kids, indigenous tribes, deserts, and a lot more. Africa is a colourful mosaic of all these but even much more. For us, Africa is a dream come true since part of our team did a bike trip in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and fell in love with it.

Why do we want to take you to Kenya? Kenya is the place that grabbed us the most with its lifestyle, scenery and local people. Kenya is where we felt the spirit of Africa the most. Speaking about trekking and safaris, most people automatically head to Tanzania which makes Kenya more tourist-free, especially in the season we’ll be taking you. At the same time Kenya and its highest mountain is not much different to its neighbour, quite the opposite. Shortly, Kenya is very cool and what we have prepared for you is in compliance with our fundamental idea of making more unconventional trips.
In this program we have combined 3 different experiences – high-altitude trekking, safari and authentic touch to the Maasai people.

The first and the main accent is the second highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kenya. Located right next to the Equator, the stratovolcano is part of the UNESCO World Heritage National Park with the same name. The highest peak is Batian – 5199 m asl. – a stunning rock massif accessible only to experienced mountaineers. Mount Kenya remains a bit aside from the many tourists who climb Kilimanjaro, especially at this time of the year. Besides, it is our personal opinion that Mount Kenya is also more interesting in terms of nature. We will do a panoramic tour of the mountain climbing it via the Sirimond route and descending via Naro Moru and our target is the third highest peak, Point Lenana (4985m). The trek will take us through the different high altitude ecosystems unique to the equatorial – jungle, bamboo zone, so called heather zone, afro-alpine and alpine zones. We will overnight in lodges offering basic amenities. To make this experience truly African, we will be accompanied by local mountain guide, the required number of porters and a cook who will prepare all kinds of delicacies especially for us. The daily menu includes three main meals and tea breaks in between. The varied food is chosen to ensure a good recovery when staying at this altitude.

Africa would not be the same without the colour of the local people – smiling, natural, good-natured, curious. One of the main ideas in this adventure is to be as close to them as possible, to experience their way of life and culture. And what a better way than to spend a few days of our African adventure among the Maasai people – an experience we dare say you won’t find elsewhere. The Maasai are one of the symbols of East Africa and one of the few tribes in the world who to this day continue to live by their old traditions despite the pressures of the modern world. Nomadic by nature, these people evoke genuine respect and curiosity from anyone who has seen them. On a standard program in Kenya/Tanzania, you are likely to visit one of the “commercial” Maasai villages where you can have your picture taken with them for a fee. Such villages are more or less compromised by tourists and give no real insight into the lives of these so interesting people. The Maasai, who continue to live in their authentic way, do not allow many tourists near them because they have realised that by doing so they will lose their authenticity as a tribe. The place we will visit is an ordinary Maasai village. We will live next to them and with them. We will get to know their way of life and culture, we will experience their daily life on first hand. We will make a tent camp having an improvised shower and of course – delicious food. Imagine evenings in the savannah, sitting by the campfire and sweet chats with our Maasai host. The rest – we’ll leave it to you.

Speaking about Africa, it would be a sin if we do not make a quick safari. The Masai Mara is the most famous national park in Kenya. The Masai Mara and the Serengeti (in Tanzania) are the same territory divided conditionally into two parts by the state border that crosses it. The two parks constitute the most densely populated wildlife area in the World. We will visit this breathtaking place after the short rain season when nature has just turned green and tourists are few. We will enjoy the savannah watching from the front line the spectacle of the wildlife. We will stay at Mara Springs Safari Camp located next to one of the park entrances. And here we will have a special chef for us too – in general, in this program you will try all varieties of African cuisine and you will certainly not get hungry!

Enjoy Kenya! Hakuna Matata!

The trekking part of the program requires previous mountain experience as well as good health and physical condition. Previous experience at this altitude is not required. If you are unsure whether this is right for you, please contact us in advance so we can help you making a decision.
This price is valid in minimum 7 participants.

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Price Includes

Accomodation and food

11 overnight stays all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) including New Year's Eve dinner


All transfers in the program


Bulgarian guide, a Maasai guide, local mountain guide, porters and cook for Mount Kenya

Tickets and fees

Safari, entrance fees to Mount Kenya and Maasai Mara National Parks


Full refund in case of cancelled program due to COVID or COVID-related quarantine. More information in our General Terms and Conditions

Price Does Not Include

Flight Tickets

Flight tickets and baggage fees

Visa and vaccinations

Kenyan visa (50 USD) - issued on-line and required vaccinations


Mountain and travel insurance

Other expenses

Other personal expenses, alcoholic beverages and tips

* Each participant is required to respect and comply with all visa and COVID restriction regulations of the Republic of Kenya upon entry into the country. Basecamp Tours is not responsible for and will not refund for non-compliance. It is а Basecamp Tours‘с commitment to provide up to date information to all participants prior to departure. At the time of program’s publication, the requirement is for a valid COVID vaccination or negative PCR test. Up-to-date information can be found at
* Yellow fever vaccination is required and best to be done 6-8 weeks prior to travel. The vaccination and the issue of a certificate is done at the Regional Health Inspections. Recommended vaccines for Kenya are hepatitis A, B and typhoid.
* The risk of malaria in the places we will visit is relatively low. There is no vaccine for malaria. We recommend the use of appropriate repellents as prevention. There are no malaria mosquitoes at altitudes above 2500m.
* We reserve the right to make changes to the programme in case of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. The guide has the right to change the trekking route according to weather and people conditions for maximum safety.
* Booking is required at least 30 days before the start of the program or until all places are booked. Reservation is considered confirmed if payment is made within 3 days of booking.
* In case of lower number of participants the price is subject to adjustment and will be communicated with you in advance. In such cases, your participation is confirmed only after your written statement.

Day 1
Flight from Sofia to Calgary. Transfer to Golden (4-5 hours). Late accommodation.

Day 0-1 (25-26 December 2022)
Flight to Kenya landing early the next morning, then head to our cozy campsite at the foot of Mount Kenya (transfer about 3 hours). The place is made with a lot of love and thought towards people and nature. Our hospitable hosts will welcome us with deliciously prepared food. Time for rest. We may jump to the nearby town – Naro Moru which will give you an idea of the African reality. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2
After breakfast we will pack our bags for the next few days in the mountains. We will leave some of our belongings at the campsite. After lunch we head to the starting point of the Sirimond route at 2650 m asl. The final destination for today is the Old Moses camp. The route passes through a real jungle and it will be no surprise if we have a close call with some of the local forest dwellers. Overnight at the lodge.Hike duration: 3 hours; highest point of the day – 3300 m.

Day 3
Today we have a scenic and gradual climb that will allow us to do good acclimatization. This part of the mountain is rich in water and vegetation. The afro-alpine landscape is like from another planet. Crossing several valleys we will reach Shipton hut, from where we have a majestic view toward the peaks.Duration: 7-9 hours; max elevation – 4200 m asl

Day 4
Acclimatization day where we will admire other parts of the mountain. Overnight in the same hut.

Day 5
Today’s objective is Point Lenana, the highest point of our route. The climb takes about 4 hours and goes up weathered steep slopes. It’s not uncommon the summit trail is covered by snow. In good weather the 360 degree views leave you breathless. From there we descend to Austrian hut, a shelter just below the last remaining glaciers in Mount Kenya. This side of the mountain reveals the two highest peaks, the twin towers of Batian and Nelion, in all their glory. Our descent continues along the volcano’s scree, reaching Mackinder’s camp (4200m) where we will spend the night. Duration: 10 hours; maximum altitude – 4985 m.

Day 6
In the morning we continue our descent on the Naro Moru route. The scenic trail will take us to the local weather station, from where will be picked up back to the campsite. We will make a New Year party with our hosts. Colourful, isn’t it?
Hike duration: 5-6 hours.

Day 7
Today we will drive south to the savannah. We will travel all day enjoying the African landscapes. Our route passes through the Great Rift Valley – a tectonic fault of immense proportions. We will stop at some of the many souvenir shops. Our final destination for the day is Mara Springs Safari camp. Accommodation and dinner.

Day 8
A safari day! We’ll go deeper into the park, reaching the Mara river which in certain seasons becomes a spectacular arena for the antelopes passing through and the hippos and crocodiles stalking them. The animals are literally all around us, in all their glory. For lunch we will sit under a tree in the savannah – hopefully we won’t get eaten by a lion. We head back to the same camp after this amazing day.

Day 9
After breakfast we leave the campsite to head to the most colourful part of the programme – the Maasai people. We will make an improvised camp near by a Maasai village. We’ll meet our host and will have a few lessons in Maasai greetings as we sit by the campfire under the starry savannah sky…

Day 10
Our Maasai guide will show us the village, we will visit the local school and learn about their customs and practices. We will meet and talk face to face with these so interesting people. In the evening – fire, stars, talks… stuff like that.

Day 11
This day we will take a walk in the Maasai’s backyard – the rainforest and meadows. Overnight at the camp.

Day 12-13
: In the morning we say goodbye to our Maasai hosts and drive back to the Nairobi airport (transfer around 6 hours). Departure.


Stanislav Radkov
Languages: English and Bulgarian

Ever since he was young he has been wandering the mountains, summer or winter. In the last 10 years he has been very actively engaging in back-country/ski mountaineering.


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3035 EUR Full Price
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